Welcome to STM Baja Press

Welcome to STM Baja Press, the place you can go to for the most current Strong Tower Ministries news and announcements!

Here you’ll find stories and story leads you’ll want to share with others to let them know what’s happening inside Baja, Mexico, as related to STM’s large network of ministries, churches, missions teams, and missionaries.

Exciting things are happening and we’re grateful for your interest!

To God be the glory!

On Thursday evening (10/24/19), a firestorm came roaring down the La Mision valley. The fires’ wrath included the loss of two structures on STM’s Casa de Mana campus. (PHOTO: File)

STM’s Response to Fire: Our Mission of ‘Backing the Heroes’ Continues

We see this fire as only a temporary setback. Our mission of “Backing the Heroes” continues. We will be regrouping over the next few weeks as we plan to continue building out the Manna House Campus. We look forward to seeing how God will use the events of this last week and all of our future efforts for His glory.



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