Interactive Event: Learn Simple Steps to Loving Our Neighbors

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — Two local organizations are hosting an interactive family event, Love in Action, to demonstrate how simple loving our “neighbors” to the south in Mexico can be through practical ways on Saturday, Feb. 22.


At the open house to be held in San Clemente, leaders from Strong Tower Ministries and Kids Around the World plan to teach those attending how to show love in “lots of big and small ways” by participating in actions such as food packing, woodworking, and playground installations. 

They will also discuss various serving trips to Baja to interact with families, orphanages, migrant communities, and other mission-minded destinations.

“The event is set up to inform and engage anyone wanting to find out ways to help and show love to our neighbors living as close as Mexico or other parts of the world,” said Strong Tower Ministries operations director Jim Kirk-Johnson. “Our organization and Kids Around the World realize the benefit we get as individuals by serving others and seek to create meaningful opportunities for us to make a difference.”

Rich Swisher, from Kids Around the World, said attendees can learn about ongoing service roles, and new and existing project opportunities. “There are wide ranging and important roles for individuals, families and groups of all types and they can accommodate any and all schedules,” Swisher said.

Love in Action will be held at 1046 Calle Recodo, Ste. F, San Clemente. The event is free and includes lunch. You can RSVP through the registration link below for either the morning or afternoon hourly sessions. Each session will give you an interactive, personally guided tour experience that’s perfect for the whole family.


Strong Tower Ministries

Over the last 14 years, Strong Tower Ministries, Inc. has reached over 4,000 destitute children annually through local orphanages, schools and community outreach programs that focus on evangelism, food distribution, and medical care.

Over 500,000 pounds of food has been distributed annually. Over 8,000 volunteer hours each year have been directed toward completed construction projects including a modern medical & dental community clinic (Siloe), a state-of-the-art nursery (DOFO), a ministry and community center (Puerta Hermosa), a deaf ministry home, school and training center (RSM), and family home builds.



Press and Media Contact: Alex Murashko, Media on Mission for STM Baja Press,, 949.547.0907.

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