Building of Missions Training Campus in Baja Officially Restarts After Fire

Prayer event, new warehouse construction frame difficult weekend after La Mision fire destroys buildings

LA MISION, Baja, Mexico — Strong Tower Ministries officially began to rebuild a proposed discipling and training center on the weekend leading into Veterans Day (11/11/19), just two weeks after a firestorm destroyed an existing lodge and partially constructed warehouse on the property.


On Saturday, in addition to a massive effort to continue building the warehouse/distribution facility, about 100 people participated in a prayer and worship event dedicated to the La Mision area where more than two dozen homes were destroyed.

“The buildings may have burned, but ministry and church remain strong,” said STM board president DJ Schuetze, who also runs a local orphanage, Door of Faith. “Thanks to so many who turned out for the celebration.”

The center was always about people and not buildings, said Adam Stieve, who is the Casa de Mana campus director.

Casa de Mana is a place for equipping the saints. “We are primarily a discipling and training center that focuses on relationships,” he states. “We are involved in teaching, recovering, reenergizing, learning, serving, caring for those in need, praying, sharing and most importantly loving.”

Stieve hosted and led a group from Washington during the weekend that did short-term missionary work in Baja as well as attended the prayer event.

“The Bridge Christian Fellowship from Oak Harbor, Washington, provided much needed help and support this last weekend,” he said. “In addition to serving food to a special local family, this group performed setup, tear down, and did some dirty cleaning at the burned out Casa de Mana site. This allowed for a very special event where we paused our lives to simply worship Christ. Thank you for your willing hearts. Thank you for the intimate fellowship. Thank you for your continued partnership.”

Casa de Mana is the Strong Tower Ministries, Inc., (STM) campus – designed to provide the following services: a ministry base of operations, short-term group accommodations, long-term missionary housing, internship program, a no cost place of rest for those serving in full-time ministry, and a gathering place for: teaching, counseling, discipleship, and evangelism. 

Press and Media Contact: Alex Murashko, Media on Mission for STM Baja Press,, 949.547.0907.

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VIDEO: ‘He was with us in the fire;’ La Misión Baja Fires Prayer and Praise Event

VIDEO: “He was with us in the fire”

“We see this fire as only a temporary setback. Our mission of ‘Backing the Heroes’ continues,” Strong Tower Ministries stated in a letter from its board members.

“You start thinking about all the different ways that God clearly protected our community, protected our family,” Brendan Mayer, founder of Siloe Ministries, said. “The winds shifted when they needed to and that’s not by accident.”

“We stood with people who watched houses burn, but God had his hand on them,” said DJ Schuetze, who is a founder of Door of Faith Orphanage. “We felt that presence of God among the flames. He was with us in the fire.”

Transportation to Casa de Mana

On Saturday, November 9th Strong Tower will be hosting a La Mision community day of prayer and rebirth celebration following the fires of last week. We will also have a Nov 8-9th framing trip for those “builder types” that want to rebuild our campus warehouse the fire took. For those from the US wanting round trip transportation for the Saturday event you can or contact Jim @ 949 212-8071.


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